Fireborn (2017)

This is the time of fires and flames, where once again we wait for the end. This is the time when nature’s remade, all fearful beasts but The One are hunted down. These are the end-times when madness grows strong in the heat of the greed, the fear and the hate.

The creatures on fire who burn with desire to change all they can in this strange world of man suffocate, starve, their sacrifice unceremonious. Never too strong their flames have burned, never to warm or too much. Their fire goes out with a sigh, without flare, a snare ‘round their necks in the hands of the past and ideas of the old, that which never was. No matter what you’ve heard.

The creatures of fire, the broken, now cold, will flame with their own light once more. These fortunate ones will rise from the ashes, dodging the strain, uncaged from the norms, never again fighting in vain. Breaking the glass the reason is restored and broken wings will stir up the storm that shakes the towers of power. Beware you calculating fighters of the past: in the end-times you will fail.

The Fireborns rise from the ashes and fly.

Welcome to paradise.


Lady Steelbreaker: vocals, lyrics, cover art

Tom Wise: electric and acoustic guitars, piano, backing vocals

Christian Ståhl: bass, synthesizer

Markus der Schlagwerker: drums and percussion

Doug Gross: narration

All is Well (2017)

Here we are at last, our deeds are clear in the dawn of the final days: bigotry and the quest for paper zeros, pain and love that counterweighs. Angry men want more, but the terror they cannot ignore. With the lines that they drew on another piece of paper, horror-stricken they claim their score. The sentimental agents have been called back home, to forget and be rehabilitated, pay the expensive debt, no more incarnated; in fire and ice vacated.

We struggled well, I do believe. We learned to think and feel, to worship and kneel, to steal and conceal and sell our ideal. Now gravity is lost, but the days themselves grow heavy, as time doubles back and folds behind the levee. In the frozen city, tears shed before time's beginning are forgotten and do not matter, forever hidden or too small to see, when the dawn draws in the depression scatters.

At last the time has come. Journey beneath the earth in scales and tails or through the systems on shaky wings and misty sails! We tell ourselves that all will heal and we shred the stardust in the aftermath. Our destiny was long ago sealed; the heart did not follow the vermin wrath. The steelbreakers break free, saving themselves with just a hint of glee, breaking walls and barricades, blindly carefree.

In the final days - the end of time - everything falls. No electronic highways transcend our crimes and no guardians are left to hear our calls.

Here we are at last: All is well. 


Lady Steelbreaker: vocals, lyrics, cover art

Tom Wise: guitars

Christian Ståhl: bass

Micael Pihl: drums