Pixieland is a place open for everyone, no matter nationality, amount of hair, home styling preferences or income.

To enter Pixieland may appear to be difficult, but it is no harder than the fall of a firebird feather in nine-dimensional space. All you need to do is stop and stand still for a moment, put on the right glasses (NOT the pink ones), step out of your habits and look at things from below the top. (And by still I mean still. That is, do not follow the masses and presume to be standing still, that is not standing still, that is compliance.) When you stand still everything that could disturb your ability to find the entrance to Pixieland will pass into the distance as certainly as the shambling of a bewildered alpha male.

Of course, if you have a tail, you only need to waggle it.

You will be particularly welcome in Pixieland after the apocalypse, but beware that we may be out of tickets for the shows by then, so please attempt to acquire one as soon as possible.

Lady Steelbreaker

Vocals and lyrics

Tom Wise

Guitar and backing vocals

Christian Ståhl

Bass professor

Markus der Schlagwerker

Drums and percussion